FX Bultó

The first Bultaco motorcycle was shown to the public in 1959 by that legendary figure F.X. Bultó, and so began one of the most successful careers at world class level in motorcycling history.

It took a short time for Bultaco to be regarded as the number 1 make in “outdoor” motorcycles, competing in all disciplines and winning countless successes.

Such symbolic and legendary riders as Barry Sheene, Sammy Miller, Jim Pomeroy, and Martin Lampkin wore the Bultaco colours.

But Bultaco did not just achieve the highest success in the field of sport, they also created a genuine philosophy of the marque, which led their followers to wear the Bultaco symbols with a really heartfelt loyalty which went beyond mere questions of contract or fashion.

The incredible wealth of badges, anagrams, and labels constitutes an extraordinary database to enrich a fashion collection such as the one we are now presenting.

The name of Bultaco is recognised throughout the world, because the make was exported to 59 countries, and the competition/ loyalty binomial which was always its distinctive.

In the year 2003, the first steps were taken to create a collection which would make it possible to relive the Bultaco story, the result of close collaboration between professionals from the world of fashion and the Bultó family, the founders and owners of the brand.

The 2005 has been chosen for the launch of Bultaco Sportswear on an international scale.